Frequently Asked Questions

I registered and paid but can't login for the first time.

You must click on the activation link in the email legsim sends you after completing the payment process. Be sure to check your email spam folder if it's not in your inbox. If you still can't find it, send an email to, detailing your problem.

I started the registration process but didn't complete it, now LegSim won't let me register.

Once you begin the registration process using an email address, that email address can't be used again. Either register use a different valid email address (you need to get the followup activation email from legsim), or send a request to to have us delete your current information, so you can start over.

I clicked on the activation link but still can't login.

Did you select the proper legislation session? Are your user name and login correct? If it still isn't working or you need to retrieve your user information, contact

I lost the authorization code my instructor distributed that I need to register.

Send a request to

Still can't login?

Make sure your browser cookies are enabled.

If there are any other problems not covered here, feel free to contact support at